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Keeping Music Alive

The Canty Singers are strongly influenced by the community, culture and sounds of their hometown. Cynthia, mother and musician to local churches for over 40 years, began training each of her children to sing lead and harmony at a young age. While dad, Deacon Canty, led devotion, it was common for the Canty children, Tasheina, James, and Shacarra to be positioned in sections of their mother's adult choirs to help stabilize the harmonies. Church was a family affair! The Canty Singers' career began to grow as Tasheina, who studied music, moved closer to home and began writing for the family group. She belts out soprano notes from the heavens. Mother Cynthia, the heart of the group, stabilizes the center with pearls of alto, graveling those soulful cries that can only be felt and not notated.  Shacarra's voice commands the listener's ear with the thunderous yet velvet contralto. The Canty Singers enjoy singing and spreading faith and hope with their music. They are ready to share their gift with the world. (Pictured from L to R: Tasheina, Cynthia, Shacarra)

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