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Covid-19 Survivor Releases Single While Recovering

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Cynthia Canty has been singing and playing piano for churches in Southeast GA for over 40 years. Recently retired, she got the call while teaching that her grandson, whom she had recently kept overnight, had tested positive. She left immediately, and went into quarantine. Within 48 hours Cynthia's health began to decline. Her faithful husband of 42 years, James Canty, who had also tested positive, called EMS and she was taken to a local hospital. While in isolation, but with a strong will, Cynthia continued to video chat family members and even sent lesson plans from her hospital bed. She recalls how she had to keep some sense of normalcy as the diagnosis and isolation really affects your emotional well-being. There were moments when she wasn't sure if she'd sing again or even make it back home. After 6 days, Cynthia was released to come home. However, she got worse over the course of the week. Her daughter, Tasheina, who'd just finished quarantine with her son moved in to care for both parents. One week after she was released, Tasheina called EMS after Cynthia's oxygen saturation had dropped to 79 while on oxygen at home. Doctors found she'd developed a blood clot in her lung. Had she waited another day, it would have possibly made it to her heart. Cynthia was immediately given blood thinners to dissolve the clots. After a second round in the hospital, Cynthia was released to come home, and she had a praise in her heart!
She and her daughters, Shacarra and Tasheina, had already been planning to record an original song about travail and perseverance, based on personal experiences of this unprecedented year.
They packed Cynthia and four oxygen tanks into the car and traveled up I-16 and I-75 to the studio. When they arrived, Cynthia was full of adrenaline and excitement. Her vocals were so loud, the engineer was asked to turn her mic down. In her mind, she was singing her testimony, and she could not contain her praise. She was compelled to give God praise for her journey. Tasheina made sure that her mother's voice was the first voice people would hear in the intro. Cynthia remains on oxygen today, and she is faithful that she will build enough strength to do without it soon. The soulful song, entitled "Ooh Jesus!" by The Canty Singers will be released on Wednesday, December 23, 2020. It will be available on all digital outlets. If you can relate to calling on Jesus at any point this year, this song is for you.

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